This is Why I'm Single

NO SEX for you! This time

Posted on: June 10, 2012

I wish promiscuity was a less taboo area in society.  I would have gotten busy with many more men.  Sometimes you just see someone or meet them, and you think, “Damn, I don’t want to date him at all, but I would love to do naughty things to, with or for him”.  I know it’s not just me, so don’t be acting all “OH, well that would NEVER be me.” Liar. Society, mores, church, personal guilt all keep us in our panties and some of you in your your boxers or boxer briefs. 

Sometimes you can’t help yourself, so as a woman, you go through the charade of a few dates, knowing all you both want is a romp, but you’re a good girl, so it’s ok if you’re dating.  We should be more like our ape cousins and just get it when a good lookin’ baboon with a big flamin’ red ass parades by. 

And sometimes it was worth the charade of “Oh yeah, you’re band/poetry/dog is great”,  and he is worth every little bat of your eyelash, but a lot of times you could have saved some time and taken care of business solo. 

There are a couple of guys right now who are smart and funny and super hot who I’d like to actually date – not just get busy with, but they haven’t made the move yet, so I’ll bide my time for now. Don’t think I won’t ask you out if you take too long. I have to test the waters, make sure that the interest is mutual, but when I’m ready, I’m on it. Except for one boy.  I just can’t “man up” and tell him, hey we’d be pretty fucking awesome together.  So, i will stay in the dreaded friend zone with that one.

OK, this has just turned in to some sleepy time induced ramble. Do what you will with it.


1 Response to "NO SEX for you! This time"

I think lots of people want to get busy with no consequences. But, from my experience, it generally turns out that you learn the hard way that sex with not strings attached is like the holy grail, and what you actually get is that one person that won’t stop calling or showing up when you don’t want them to. Or even worse, you become that person that won’t stop calling and start popping up when not wanted. Emotions are tied up with sex, and, as much as we may want them not to be, as much as we may be ready for a good romp and willing to put them aside, the likelihood of two people being on that same page honestly as the same time without their biology screwing with their heads is very very small.

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